Are you following YOUR path?

Are you following YOUR path? Do you know where you’re going? Are you feeling confident that this is YOUR path?

It’s taken me YEARS to feel that confidence.

But the more I work with women on their books, the more I feel that this is truly my path.

And in turn, I help them see and feel confident that whatever they’re doing now is THEIR path.

If necessary, we tweak the angle of their book a little to fit their business, or we tweak their business ideas a little to fit their book.

It’s a journey where, together, we unpick what they are truly here to do and ensure that all the areas in their life, business and writing match and align.


Further, the more I work with women who have their own businesses and are writing their books, the more I realise how much business and life intertwine, as I do life and business doulaing alongside the writing doulaing.

Where does your book fit into your business? What do you want people to know about you, your life and your business? How do you want to fit in your writing in your day? Where do you want to set up your writing space?

These are all questions we address in my 1:1 Birth Your Book programme.

I have ONE space left this month before my prices go up on 1st July. Has it got your name on it?

Are you ready for a deep exploration into who you are as a writer, who you are as a woman who is her own boss, who you are in your life, who you want to serve, who you want to help with your book and your business and how you want to support these people?

Are you ready to not just write your book but become a self-published author?

Are you ready to choose YOU?

If you are fed up with waiting:

  • for publishers to find and choose you
  • for inspiration to hit you every morning
  • for ideas to germinate and grow for your book
  • for a fully formed structure to emerge from your conscious or your subconscious
  • for clients to ask you for your book
  • to ‘find the time’ to write
  • for time to magically appear out of nowhere and let you write
  • for determination and courage to rise up in you

First of all, know that you are not alone – we have all been there.

Second of all, know that you need support, otherwise this book will never see the light of day, and a serious piece of marketing and of YOU will be missing in your business.

Your clients want to hear and read your story.

They want to know more about you.

They want to know why you do what you do – in detail.

Not just, ‘Well, I was struggling with x and I woke up one day and I decided to do y.’

No no no. Your clients are thirsty for your whole story (relevant to your business, to your very special niche).

Being a writer and a published author (whether self-published or published by a publisher) is a way of life. It’s something and someone you come to embody, on a daily basis.

I believe this requires a deep transformation from your core outwards, and I now understand that it takes women a long time to birth this new personality because they need to let go of old wounds, and find courage and confidence within themselves, and make space for their creativity.

They need to believe that they can do it.

They need to be and feel supported on this journey.

This is why my programme is over 9 months.

Nine months to birth a baby.

Nine months to birth an author.

Nine months to birth a book.

Are you ready? Contact me here for a free Connection Call to see if we’re a good fit.

Reminder: I have only one space left at the current price and my fees are going up on 1st July.

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