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Birth Your Book and Birth Your Blissful Business

Joy – Birth Your Book and Birth Your Blissful Business

Thank you so much for your gentle understanding and encouragement over the last year or so, with our ‘Birth Your Book’ and ‘Birth Your Business’ sessions, Saveria. I feel that I’ve been coaxed and supported on an incredible journey of recognising many blockages in some areas of my life and self – and then using some of your suggested techniques to clear them. How do you have the knack of knowing what I was needing to talk about and move forward with, haha??! 🙂

‘Thank you’ doesn’t say enough really …

I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t done those initial sessions with you back at the end of 2019 – I don’t think that I would have had the courage to leave the bank if I hadn’t done them then! I will always treasure finding you through Z. and for opening my mind and my eyes to what is really living for me (not everyone else), and so much more. You are a truly special lady. 

So, dear reader of this page, if you’re thinking of writing your book or creating your business, Saveria is the woman you should go to. I hope you find that her enthusiasm for your growth and projects are as helpful and transformative as I have. 

Joy, editor, proofreader and writer

Idea Implementation Day

Emily – Deep-dive Day

I did the Deep-dive Day because I was feeling stuck with my next steps in my business and feeling overwhelmed, stressed and emotional. The day worked really well for me. I was so emotional that I wasn’t sure I had picked the right day, but the way it unfolded was just right. I want to say a big thank you for holding the space and for supporting me with ideas for my business and how to move forward with it, and also with my writing and my money fears. 

I now feel more able to handle everything and I had some insights which make everything a bit clearer for me, most notably around my emerging writing style. I am excited at seeing my poems coming together (you editing one of them on the day was really helpful) and the money exercise really helped me alleviate my money fears. 

Thank you so much for this valuable day. 


Support writing book

Dany – Birth Your Book

When Saveria approached me to find out if she could be of any support to me with the writing of my book, I wasn’t sure I needed help. I felt confident in my ability to write as I had a lot of experience creating programmes which required workbooks to go with them. I also knew that I had the discipline to maintain motivation throughout the writing process.

After consideration, the reason I chose to do the Birth Your Book Programme was that I wanted to ensure my book didn’t just feel like a larger version of a workbook.

I found it very valuable to chat through writing ideas with Saveria and really appreciated how she would also follow up with additional thoughts on a topic we’d been discussing, as she processed the ideas further in her mind between sessions (the tag line for my book being a fabulous example of this).

Saveria blends a lovely mix of fun, creative inspiration and gentle encouragement with practical steps for self-publishing.

Saveria also recommends trusted people you need on your ‘book birthing team’, for such things as editing, proofreading, formatting and book cover design – all saving time and energy.

Saveria leaves you in no doubt that she is as passionate about you getting to the point of birthing your book as you are, and although I did not initially feel like I ‘needed’ to work with Saveria, I am glad I trusted my instincts as it was 100% the right decision to do so.

Anna – Birth Your Book

Before working with Saveria, although I had started the writing process, it felt heavy and uncomfortable. I wasn’t enjoying writing and I was avoiding working on my book despite knowing it was what I wanted and was being called to do. Saveria helped me to recognise what was holding me back from writing and then enabled me to free myself from those blocks using EFT and other techniques.

I would say that the fears and anxieties that I held were completely eradicated. I no longer worry about what others’ opinions of my writing might be and I feel free to express what I want to say in the way that feels true to me.

Saveria has also helped me to structure my book and break down the chapters into clear and manageable chunks, making the writing process feel light and enjoyable. The end is in sight for writing my final few chapters. I have a plan in place and a routine to my writing.

I’m so grateful to Saveria for the help and inspiration she’s given me, moving me from overwhelm into ease with writing my book. I would highly recommend to anyone who feels at all stuck in their writing to speak to Saveria about how she could help them.


I’m so grateful for your support. I’ve been reflecting on the difference it made. My mentorship members asked me if I’d found the process stressful and I can honestly say that I didn’t. I did at times feel frustrated that it was taking me so long, when others can produce a book much more quickly. But in all honesty it wouldn’t be as good if I had rushed it, so I’m glad I took the year or so to write and publish it.

The sessions we had were so so helpful, motivating and calming, and the links to meditation and the moon were super powerful for my creativity.

Anna Le Grange, Mindful Breastfeeding Coach, author of The Mindful Breastfeeding Book

Birth Your Book and Birth Your Blissful Business

Hannah – Birth Your Book

Thank you so much for your help. I’ve been thinking a lot more about my book, I can see how all the chapters are going to flow now, and just knowing that you’re there to support me has given me a lot of confidence and has made me feel so much better about the whole book-birthing process.


Keep Calm

Rena – Birth Your Book

Saveria is a guide, a coach, a mentor who helps people work things out for themselves in their own time. They don’t need a path to follow, they don’t need signs to tell them which way to go and what to think and what to do. They simply need Saveria to coax them along their own journey. She truly is an amazing Book Doula.

Rena Gough, The Happy Birthing Company, author of Keep Calm and Birth On and Don’t Panic!: 5 Things Every Birth Partner Needs to Know