Morning Pages

I have dabbled in morning pages a few times in the last 20 years or so but it’s only in the past 2 weeks that I have felt their power. Wow!

I think – no, I KNOW – it’s because I have more things to talk about (to myself and to others!), in particular I have a thing called a ‘business’.

Twenty years ago, I had a job in publishing and a part-time freelance business in publishing (as an editor and proofreader too) but I never called it a business. Even when I was a full-time freelancer a few years later, I didn’t think of myself as a ‘business owner’. It’s only when I created my first website and Nesting Mums back in 2011 and someone asked me about ‘my business’ and what I was doing ‘in my business’ (in terms of marketing, etc.) that I realised, ‘Ooh, I guess I do have a business then…’ (total lack of enthusiasm for and relatability to the term).

Looking back then, indeed Nesting Mums was my first business – well no, my second business! Though my first didn’t have a name! (Just my full name! It didn’t even include ‘Editorial Services’ or anything!)

Anyway. I have been doing my Morning Pages (see The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron) and things are shifting in my personal life and in my business life at an impressive speed! You won’t see it though. It’s ‘just’ lots of lightbulb moments, lots of new ideas, AND, very/most importantly, I am LOVING the exploration, the process itself (which, before, I couldn’t really see the point or benefit of).

AND I am LOVING getting up early (I naturally wake up at 5/5.30 at the moment) and going downstairs, sitting down at my grandma’s old writing desk, lighting a candle and writing long hand in my beautiful notebook.

AND every evening I look forward to the next morning when I can be with them, in the quiet and the darkness, and watch the words form on the page and the ideas be brought to life right there.

Have you tried Morning Pages?

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