WRITING Wisemind

Let’s light a fire under your writing so you can make great progress on your book in just TWO 4-hour sessions!

Light a fire

You’re feeling blocked, your book isn’t getting written, you have too many other things to do or focus on, you don’t know how to structure your book or the chapter you’re working on, and you just want.to.quit.

You just can’t do the ’30 minutes a day’ thing. Or even a week.

There is always something else to do, something else that takes priority over your writing.

Your children.

Your business.

Admin (business and life).

Your ageing parents.

You know what you would ideally do, but that doesn’t seem to be happening either…

Your Busy Brain means you can be hyperfocused on your book, a few hours at a time. It is the way you write best – focused and productive.

But there is no time for this either.

Or so you think…

Fear not, help is at hand!


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How does the Writing Wisemind work?

  • The Writing Wisemind is split over two morning sessions of 4 hours each (so 8 hours total) (my mornings anyway – if you’re on the other side of the world, it would be your evenings!)
  • These two 4-hour sessions usually take place on a Wednesday and Thursday at 9am till 1pm London time. 
  • Prior to the first session, I will send you a form for you to fill in, with questions about you, your book and your business and life, so that I can prepare as best I can before our sessions together. 
  • Each session, we will be guided by your needs and wishes on that particular day, so there is no set agenda. It can all be very flexible. You can even change your mind on the day if something has cropped up and you need to focus on your blurb rather than your last chapter, for example, or your ideal reader rather than Chapter 6.
  • We will cover anything you need support with during each session – writing, editing, structuring, emotional support (hence the consent form that also needs to be filled and signed when you book), practical support (how to organise your writing space or your business schedule, for example), etc. Anything to do with writing, business, money and life can be explored, so as to support the writing of your book or (e-book) in the best possible way.
  • You will share with me a Google Doc that you will have created prior to our first session and we will write/edit/structure together. Copyright remains entirely with you and I will not copy your document anywhere. 
  • You will have access to your very own client portal (in Notion) where you will find our session notes, resources and useful links.
  • You will be invited to my free clients-only Facebook group after completion of the second morning. There is of course no obligation to join it, but know that it is where you can get extra support, from me and from fellow writers and other people, with occasional Q&A and co-writing sessions. 
  • You will get access to my next Tapping Temple for Writers session for free (after the end of our second morning, I will share the coupon code with you if you would like this offer).

What to expect in your Writing Wisemind

This will vary depending on your needs, but we can summarise it in 4 steps.


We decide on the action points to get done what you want.


I help you release unwanted blocks & beliefs about becoming an author. (Optional)


We write/edit/outline/structure together, using your Google Doc.


You leave our session calm, clear & confident, ready to do it all over again tomorrow!

What we can cover in your Writing Wisemind

  • structure of your book
  • structure/outline of at least a few chapters
  • write/edit two or three of your chapters (depending on length and complexity)
  • write/edit your blurb
  • write/edit your introduction (once you have written all the chapters)
  • write/edit your conclusion/last chapter
  • write/edit your acknowledgements page
  • do exercises to work out your book branding, including your ideal reader (this in itself is a whole morning, 3 to 4 hours!)
  • come up with book-launch ideas
  • come up with marketing ideas
  • emotional support to upgrade your author mindset (with coaching and/or EFT)

The Writing Wisemind is for you if…

  • You have a Busy Brain (aka ADHD, or traits of it) and you know you work best in long, focused spurts (several hours). 
  • Obviously, you haven’t finished (or possibly even started) your book.
  • You can only work at your computer for a few hours at a time (physical, mental or emotional capacity).
  • You have tried the ‘write 30 minutes a day’ thing but there is always something else that wants or needs your attention and you never find 30 minutes in your day – it’s actually easier to fit your writing into a 4-hour window several times a month than 30 minutes every day (or even once a week).
  • You know your book is needed in the world, right now, and you are ready to birth it
  • You are getting more and more messages from your clients (and possibly friends and family) and from the Universe that the time is NOW
  • You love getting undivided attention for several hours (twice!) from a writing, editing and publishing expert who has 23 years of experience in the industry. 
  • You love the fact that I am a holistic book doula – you may very well need emotional support as well as editorial and practical help. 
  • You like the idea that I will be there for you from 9am one day till 1pm the next day (and beyond if you choose the Stellar Writing Wisemind), fully focused on you, your needs and your book, coming up with ideas and solutions for you even as I cook dinner and as I sleep! 
  • You have instantly loved the idea of this new book-doulaing format when you started reading about it above, as extra support for your writing and your book. It deeply resonated and you got full-body goosebumps at the idea that you could make so much progress in so little time.
  • Indeed, you love that it is a COLLABORATION and a mixture of all our skills, and we will give each other real-time feedback as we work together throughout both mornings, which is so much more efficient than waiting for days or weeks.
  • You know it will be empowering for you to see your book come alive in front of your eyes and to see where you’re going with it and how everything fits together. Admittedly, if you’re in the final stages of your book and you ‘just’ want us to edit a few chapters over those two mornings, it will be a different feel – it will be more about ‘YESSS! The end is nigh!’ than about the above, but it will still be immensely satisfying 🙂
  • You can totally imagine how so so exciting it must be to start the morning with nothing (or not much) or no ideas, and finish it with such productive and tangible results!
  • You know you need to (re)gain momentum with your book and you feel that the Writing Wisemind is the right way to do it and at the right time. 
  • You are committed to those two days like your life depends on it (well, the life of your book does!)
  • Maybe a traditional publisher has offered to publish your book and you need extra help to finish your book by their deadline.