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I support you emotionally, editorially and practically with life, business, money and book writing
as you help heal the world

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Release the muse within hypnosis

Release the Muse Within Hypnosis MP3


If you want some help from your subconscious with releasing your blocks around writing, this is my gift to you to welcome you to my writing world!


Unblock your writing with EFT

unblock your writing with eft OR/AND COACHING


In just one hour, clear the block, emotion or belief that is in the way of your writing

Are you experiencing sudden block or difficult emotion around an aspect of your writing (book, ebook, blog, website)? This session is for you. In just one hour, you will feel calm, clear and confident and know what to do to move forward. Receive EFT or/and coaching, or/and let’s do some writing or editing together (book, ebook, blog, website) – whatever you need, I will help you.

Birth your Book Circle


(writing WORKSHOPS for COACHES, HEALERS & PRIESTESSES who are ready to take action on their writing and their bookS)




Block off a whole day to work on your writing (whether it is your book, your ebook, your blog, your website or your social media content).

I will block off MY day to support you by voice notes and written messages (on the app ‘Telegram’).

Alternatively, book a whole day of co-creation, as we write and edit your book together (Writing Day)

Let’s light a fire under your writing so you can make leaps in your business in just ONE day!

Birth your Book

Birth your book


If you are ready to finally write your book, whether you already know all the details and the structure or you only have a vague idea, I support you emotionally and editorially, from the seed of an idea right through to (self-)publication

9-month programme

If my sacred space and my guidance are calling you and if you would like to discuss your requirements before booking anything, simply schedule your Connection Call below

Let’s connect and talk through the option(s) you are considering.